George Orwell Studies Vol.3 No.2
Richard Lance Keeble

6.69x9.61 inches (170x244 mm)
98 pages
ISBN: 9781845497422
George Orwell Studies Vol.3 No.2

Humour beyond the gloom of Nineteen Eighty-Four – by Richard Lance Keeble

Nineteen Eighty-Four and Me

  • An Invitation to Big Brother – by Ron Bateman
  • George Orwell and the Millennial Whoop? The Enduring Relevance of the Music of Nineteen Eighty-Four – by Carol Biederstadt
  • Child Lore in Nineteen Eighty-Four – by Kristin Bluemel
  • '23-F' vs '24-F': On Learning about Orwell at a Momentous Time in Spanish History – by Jesús Isaías Gómez López
  • (Close) Encounters with George? – by John Rodden
  • Patriarchal Norms and Sexual Desire in Michael Radford's Film of Nineteen Eighty-Four – by Martin Stollery
  • Who was Julia? Nineteen Eighty-Four's Many Heroines – by D. J. Taylor


  • Names in Burmese Days: A Fantasia – by Douglas Kerr
  • Orwell and Captain Robinson's 'Poet': A More Than Cautionary Note – by Phil Baker
  • Orwell in Paris: Who Was Ruth Graves? – by Darcy Moore
  • Gordon Bowker: So Wonderfully Insightful into Orwell the Man and his Writings – by Richard Lance Keeble


  • Tombs: Sharing Orwell's Penchant for Puncturing Shibboleths – by Darcy Moore

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