George Orwell Studies Vol.2 No.2
John Newsinger, Richard Lance Keeble

6.69x9.61 inches (170x244 mm)
106 pages
ISBN: 9781845497279
George Orwell Studies Vol.2 No.2


  • 'This Poor Wailer Among the Rebels': Orwell, O'Casey and Ireland by John Newsinger
  • 'A Strange Desire of Wandering': The Female Body and the Problematic Structure of A Clergyman's Daughter by Zhang Weiliang
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World: Complementary Visions Reconsidered by Anna Vaninskaya
  • 'Such, Such Were the Joys' and the Journalistic Imagination by Richard Lance Keeble


  • More Orwellian than Feminist: Comparing Nineteen Eighty-Four and Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale by Ron Bateman
  • Collecting Orwell: A Kind of Compulsion by Darcy Moore


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