The Seven Challenges of Value
Mike Wilkinson, Harry Macdivitt

5.5 x 8.5 inches (140 x 216 mm)
76 pages
ISBN: 9781845497088
The Seven Challenges of Value

"Many talk about value and value based pricing but very few have been successful implementing this. This book takes a very pragmatic and concrete view on how to go about this in reality and what the real issues are. This has become mandatory reading for all my sales team."

Jurgen van Hoenicker – Executive Director - Sales, Marketing & Wealth Structuring – Lombard International

"The Seven Challenges of Value is filled with lessons that will help you and your company improve performance… this handbook will be a wonderful tool for you and your team."

Kevin Mitchell, President – The Professional Pricing Society, Inc

The Seven Challenges of Value

In the Seven Challenges, you will discover the key steps to:
  • Understanding Customer Value

  • Creating Customer Value

  • Delivering Outstanding Customer Value

Each of the Challenges need to be addressed if you are to deliver outstanding value to your customers - and capture some of that value to help you improve your own margins and profitability. This book, little though it is, will help guide you on the value journey and uncover some of the secrets to doing just that.

From understanding value, through to the Value Sales Process and the creation of your Value Proposition the book is an invaluable source of inspiration as you take on one of businesses great challenges – The Challenge of Value.

Enjoy the journey!

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