With One Eye Shut
Velma Tarradath

5.5 x 8.5 inches (140 x 216 mm)
226 pages
ISBN: 9781845497033
With One Eye Shut
Refreshing... entertaining... amusing. Never-to-be forgotten experiences in Kenya and Lesotho are vividly re-lived. Working as a volunteer health worker, Lizzy travels by public transport to remote villages sometimes with comical results and surprises. She and husband Joe's decision to return to England and settle in Devon is fraught with difficulties and red tape but determination wins the day. And, meeting such colourful characters as Mr. Five Gardens and Mrs. Hugo, life is never dull.Recommended Reading. - Phil Kelly.

It may make you laugh or make you cry as you follow the family's experience in Kenya, Lesotho and finally in North Devon. The author takes a look at the similarities and differences in culture and behaviour of people from the three countries.There is something for everyone. A bit of Geography, History and some humour along the way.
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