Pleasures of the Prose
Richard Lance Keeble, David Swick

6.14 x 9.21 inches (156 x 234 mm)
194 pages
ISBN: 9781845496623
Pleasures of the Prose
Humour, so much a part of everyday communication and the pleasure of media consumption, has been strangely marginalised in journalism/communication studies. This innovative volume, edited by Richard Lance Keeble and David Swick, at last puts the focus on the funniest pages with studies of print and online journalism in a wide range of countries: Brazil, Britain, Spain, Mexico, the Philippines and the United States of America.

Separate sections look at 'Humour in Journalism, Yesterday and Today', 'The Witty Ways of Literary Journalists' and 'The Politics of Being Funny'. Topics include:

• George Orwell's Humour.
• Humour in the First Decades at the New Yorker.
• The Idiosyncratic, Witty Journalism of 'Revolutionary' Russell Brand.
• Humour in Mexican Illicit Drug Trade-Related Crónicas.
• The Role of the Satirical Press during the Spanish Civil War.
• Millôr Fernandes's Legacy and the Role of Humour in Brazilian Journalism.

The contributors include Amy Forbes; Josep Lluís Gómez-Mompart, with Dolors Palau-Sampio, José Luis Valhondo-Crego and
María Iranzo-Cabrera; Nicolás Llano Linares; Rhiannon McGlade; Sarah Niblock; Novia D. Pagone; Carolyn Rickett; Mathilde Roza; Miki Tanikawa; Ave Ungro and Garry Whannel.

Students and teachers in journalism, communication studies, humour studies, sports media, computer studies and media history will all find something fascinating in this text.
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