Sword of Sanctuary
Julia Caesar

6.14 x 9.21 inches (156 x 234 mm)
274 pages
ISBN: 9781845496326
Sword of Sanctuary
Marran Dorenard never thought he'd find it difficult to follow the Ranger Code. Honouring the Grandfather who gave his life to save him, he must deal with a web of divided loyalties. Can he support the Lord of the Opal in his desire to break free from the constraints of Selesh and his obligations, or should he protect the vulnerable girl who has been the mainstay and support of his Tawn of Rangers? As for Jalni...

Deeply distressed by constant bickering, worried about Ikella's increasing frailty and concerned about her own erratic powers, she discovers she's pregnant. The Oracle's prediction was true! Frightened into running back to Scartel, she decides not to tell Daro, who seems intent on rejecting her. With the firm intention of surrendering the Sandsingers child to the Temple of the Winds, she returns to the Ashgenar with only Marran's sword for protection as she comes to terms with her destiny. Can she take the child where his father can't find him? Or has the Shadow of the Singer cast itself ahead of her?
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