Doreen Ibbeson

5.5 x 8.5 inches (140 x 216 mm)
294 pages
ISBN: 9781845495978
Navarro is a sequel to Affairs in Palmer and follows the life of Karen as she becomes the wife of Carlos Navarro and lives on the family ranch in Majorca.

She maintains her connection with her two friends Julie and Anne as she develops her commitment to Carlos' family and business.

The book begins where she is reflecting the past five years since she married Carlos after returning from a stay in England.

Things have gone wrong and she must face the consequences.

As she recalls all the events that have happened the reader understands her situation.

Surrounded by the love from the family who have experienced and shared some of the traumatic events with her, she is able to find strength to overcome her fears and prevent heartbreak.

The various characters have developed over the five years and their lives have changed dramatically too.

In the end Karen and her sister-in-law Maria hold the key to the future family structure and business of the Navarros.
£ 10.99 aprox 377 grms
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