Ethical Space Vol.7 No.4
Richard Keeble, Donald Matheson

8.268 x 11.693 inches (210 x 297 mm)
66 pages
ISBN: 9781845494643
Ethical Space Vol.7 No.4
Disliking public relations: Democratic ideals and the habits of ethical communicators by Peter Simmons and Barbara Walsh
Professionalisation and public relations: An ethical mismatch by Rhonda Breit and Kristin Demetrious
Innovative thinking or distortion of journalistic values? How the lack of trust creates non-transparency in the Russian media by Katerina Tsetsura and Vilma Luoma-aho
Globalising consciousness: The end of 'foreign' reporting and no more foreign secrets by Suzanne Franks
Defending John Pilger's journalism on Israel and Palestine by Jake Lynch (with additional research by Catherine Dix and Stuart Rees)

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