Kealoha 8
David Holliday

6.69x9.61 inches (170x244 mm)
350 pages
ISBN: 9781845494636
Kealoha 8
In 2008, David entered his prized Oyster 72 yacht "the best yacht to date" -- after years of sailing dinghies, Swans and Moodys in the WARC, or World Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. David and his core crew of four and the occasional guest or two took on the world--and won First Place!

Determined to achieve their dreams of an around-the-world trip, the team of "yachities", as they sometimes dubbed themselves, experienced all the highs and lows that travel on the high seas to strange and exotic locales bodes for even the most experienced of sailors!

From 30 feet waves so powerful they once activated a crew member's life jacket, to glistening and placid seas, to fire dancers and an especially unforgettable episode of men in the South Pacific (clad only in garlands and grass) who performed a traditional dance for the women; to the a six-and-a-half hour Fijian fundraising ceremony where the entire Village honored the crew; to natural fireworks of shooting volcanoes; to stars so "large and bright", David felt he "could reach out and touch them", the K8 crew experienced a lifetime of adventure.
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