Encounter With Evil
Eileen Denham, Denis Denham

5.5 x 8.5 inches (140 x 216 mm)
196 pages
ISBN: 9781845494407
Encounter With Evil
On one side of the fence stood the "immortal" Paul George Stringer and his ally Andrew Brightwell. Andy's only thought was to retrieve his wife, killed by a hit and run driver, in return for helping Stringer. He said she could be reincarnated. Would you believe him? I wouldn't.

Norah Connell cheated on her childhood promise to marry Stringer. So would I, wouldn't you?

Pat Finnegan got into Stringer's bad books by inventing a dud "Elixir of Life". No good if it doesn't work, is it?

Miracles have to happen before the end. A fantastic murder machine appears and stumbles away, soaked in blood.
£ 9.95 aprox 256 grms
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