The good life in the good society - volume III
John Wakelin

6.14 x 9.21 inches (156 x 234 mm)
350 pages
ISBN: 9781845493752
The good life in the good society - volume III
An individual may spend much of the time dealing pragmatically with problems as they arise but ultimately will live a more effective life if s/he has a sense of purpose, some idea of what life is for. Government, with responsibility for the good of society, may likewise carry on pragmatically dealing with problems it faces but will be more effective if it has a clear vision of the sort of society it wants, an ideology.

It is ideology that must provide a direction, framework and coherence for political action. Currently no political party in Britain is putting forward such an ideology.

With the decline of socialism and the perceived failings of capitalism, there is a big hole where we should see a vision of the future. We have to find a better way, a Big Idea to fill that hole, a new ideology which can inspire renewed advance for our country in our new century. The point of this work is to suggest what that ideology might be.

To promote this ideology it may be necessary to establish a new political party.
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