Beyond Trust
John Mair, Richard Lance Keeble

6.14 x 9.21 inches (156 x 234 mm)
120 pages
ISBN: 9781845493417
Beyond Trust
2007-2008 was the annus horribilis for the British media. All terrestrial broadcasters were found to have cheated their audiences through a variety of scams: Premium Rate Calling, fake competitions with results changed to suit the producers and more. As a result, public trust in the media dipped.

Beyond Trust examines this crucial 'trust' issue with lively, opinionated and controversial contributions from a wide variety of experienced and distinguished media practitioners. It places the contemporary controversy in a historical context, examines the implications for local newspapers and explores the role media education can play in restoring trust. In addition:

Anthony Arblaster argues the case for scepticism
Dorothy Byrne claims: 'TV journalism is so fair it makes Andy Pandy look dodgy'
Charlie Beckett asks: 'Can we trust the internet?'

John Mair is a senior lecturer in journalism at Coventry University, a former producer and director for BBC, ITV and Channel Four.
Richard Lance Keeble is professor of journalism at the University of Lincoln and joint editor of Ethical Space.
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