Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory - The Geometrization of Physics - Volume IV
Evans. Myron W

7.5 x 9.25 inches (191 x 235 mm)
292 pages
ISBN: 9781845492489
Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory - The Geometrization of Physics -  Volume IV
This book is the first to describe a very successful objective unified field theory which emerged in 2003 and which is already mainstream physics - Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) field theory. The latter completes the well known work of Einstein and Cartan, who from 1925 to 1955 sought to unify field theory in physics with the principles of general relativity. These principles are based on the need for objectivity in natural philosophy, were first suggested by Francis Bacon in the sixteenth century and developed into general relativity in about 1915. In this year, using Riemann geometry, Einstein and Hilbert independently arrived at an objective field equation for gravitation. Since then there have been many attempts to unify the 1915 gravitational theory with the other three fundamental fields: electromagnetism, the weak and strong fields.

In this volume four further topics in the Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory are covered, namely dynamics, geodesics, the Aharonov Bohm effects, quantum field theory, light deflection by gravitation, the spin connection in the Coulomb law, the ECE Lemma, spin connection resonance and applications to new energy, spin connection resonance in gravitation, the vector boson nature of the electric field, the gravitational equivalent of the Faraday law of induction, and the effect of gravitation on radiatively induced fermion resonance (RFR).
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