Shamanic Path Workbook
Leo Rutherford

5.5 x 8.5 inches (140 x 216 mm)
212 pages
ISBN: 9781845491352
Shamanic Path Workbook
SHAMANIC PATH WORKBOOK TEACHINGS OF THE RED ROAD MEDICINE WHEEL MAPS FOR UNDERSTANDING YOUR LIFE How to shift addictions, needyness, judgmentalness How to master the victim - persecutor - rescuer triangle How to retrieve your personal power and live YOUR life How to comprehend your life via the Star Maiden's Circle TEACHINGS OF THE BLUE ROAD ACCESSING ALTERNATE REALITIES FOR KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM How to journey shamanically into parallel realities How to do Soul Retrieval for another How to Trance-Dance your way to ecstasy How to know yourself as part of the Cosmos through The 'Twenty Count' A SHAMAN IS ONE WHO 'WALKS WITH ONE FOOT IN THE EVERYDAY WORLD AND ONE FOOT IN THE SPIRIT WORLD'. THIS BOOK TAKES YOU DOWN BOTH THE RED AND THE BLUE ROADS AND OFFERS MANY PRACTICAL EXERCISES AND CEREMONIES TO HELP AND GUIDE YOU ON YOUR WAY.
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