Tradition, Culture & Underdevelopment of Africa
Udobata R Onunwa

5.5 x 8.5 inches (140 x 216 mm)
208 pages
ISBN: 9781845490560
Tradition, Culture & Underdevelopment of Africa
Africa, which used to host one of the Cradles of Ancient Civilizations of the world,has for long remained behind in areas of socio-economics and development. Her underdevelopment is a by-product of many factors. The author does not gloss over the exploitation and persistent destruction of the continent by Slave Trade, 'uncharitable' missionary enterprise and rivalry, colonisation and currently neo-colonialism. He goes further to project a controversial fundamental thesis that the tradition, culture and traditional religion of Africa contributed more than all other factors combined in keeping Africa behind in social development and progress. He is not afraid to suggest that Christianity which laid the foundation of the development of modern Western Europe, would do the same in Africa if allowed to determine African thought and action in areas of politics, law, justice, economics, commerce, marriage, government and administration. This will not imply throwing away some valuable aspects of the traditional religion and culture but rather enhancing them with valid aspects of Christian teaching and faith. Professor Onunwa is the author of many books including Studies in Igbo Traditional Religion and Culture (1990), African Spirituality (1992 - reprinted 2005), Glossary of African Traditions and Culture (1995), Confessing Christ in All Cultures (1998), Selected Themes in African Religion and Culture (2000), Studies in African Religion and Culture:A Critique of Methodologies (2004).
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