The First Testament

5.5 x 8.5 inches (140 x 216 mm)
116 pages
ISBN: 9781845490300
The First Testament
2005 marks the centenary anniversary of the birth in Prague of Vladimir Holan (1905-1980). He was one of the great poets of his time, yet is almost unknown to the English-speaking literary world. In the darkest part of the history of his country, he created such graphic poetry, with expressions and imagery so deep and rich, that the two apocalyptic poems in this book seem to be a precursor to the angst of the whole world today, as it struggles with the turmoil of terrorism and aggression. Never before published in English, the very title of this book must surely intrigue prospective readers. Does it imply a SECOND testament, or is Holan appealing to our individual spirituality? It is preceded by a short, almost nightmarish poem, with rather dismal overtones. Although both works are rich with graphic imagery, portraying a dark period in Prague's history, we catch glimpses of Holan's irrepressible humour, optimism and love of life.
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