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Sinister Too
by Writers Anonymous
ISBN: 9781845493790
Format: softback
140 x 216 mm
(5.5 x 8.5 inches)
Pages: 340
Imprint: swirl
Cover Price: £8.99
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Sinister Too
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  • Description

Building on their first anthology outing "Sinister" Writers Anonymous bring together thirteen more sinister tales delving into the depths of the paranormal and the darker underbelly of humanity; each story separated by poems from the dark side of life.

Every year five old school friends get together to reminisce and tell stories, but this year it's different. One of them brings a book with a poem which, when read, delves deeply into each of their inner most fears with sinister consequences.

The Night of the Hag
The Hag gives children nightmares, but now she wants more. Tom is trapped under her spell. Can his father rescue him or will he be lost forever?

Let Us Prey
Julie is happily married, but a church friend is stalking her. Will others believe her, or will they believe the upright and honest man they think they know?

Don't Mess With Mildred
Mildred uses unorthodox tactics to keep her lineage going.

Ernie's Ancestor
Ernie happens upon the remains of one of his forebears, not that he knows it. Suddenly troubled by apparitions of his ancestors, events from the past are gradually revealed.

That four such total strangers should be linked is sinister enough in itself. Would that the explanation should join such a splinter group?

What Justice?
Despite his leading an honest and fairly good life, the law is not kind to Ben Janson. His pregnant wife attacks him, his boss sends him away when the baby is due, and Ben uncovers a disturbing fraud that ultimately hurts him. He is a loser.

The Day That Changed My Life
A sunny crisp 8:26 a.m. moment on the River Thames in London changed my life completely. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Something I Have Never Told Anyone
The art of tact and diplomacy is the skill in letting someone have your way. At the age of five and a half, I suddenly discovered that everybody was going to grant me the respect that I felt I really deserved.

Richard Bond sets off for work, but his normally routine journey turns into a nightmare. His journey takes him through time, landing him in the court of final judgement.

A man wakes up in a strange room. He has lost all his possessions, his identity and his memory. Under hypnosis his past is revealed, but the mystery of his identity gets stranger and stranger.

The Road to NeverEver Land
Dave Johnson, a lowly logistics manager for a company that puts profit above any impact it has on the global environment, finally pays for his company's arrogance.

A Quiz Night in the Sticks
A last minute booking for a New Year's break in Cornwall leads to a strange quiz and a holiday from Hell.

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