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Music On Deaf Ears
by Lucy Green
ISBN: 9781845493141
Format: softback
191 x 235 mm
(7.5 x 9.25 inches)
Pages: 312
Imprint: abramis
Cover Price: £14.95
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Music On Deaf Ears
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“Hooray! Professor Lucy Green's classic text is now available, in its second
edition, to a new generation. The first edition contributed to the development
of a new field, the sociology of music education. But the argument is of wider
interest, and has been useful to me in better understanding the mechanics of
the professional life as applicable to the working player.”
Robert Fripp, King Crimson


“This is a fine book indeed. The clarity of mind shining through the text is
apparent, and the concern with music, musical experience and the
development of children in our schools is self-evident. …
Musicians and educators would do well to reflect upon these ideas and the
inherent challenges to our comfortable but essentially problematic ways of
thinking about and responding to music.”
Keith Swanwick, Music and Letters

“The argument, necessarily simplified here, is powerfully and cogently made.
It not only impinges on educational practice but is one of the best general
discussions of musical meaning and ideology I have read.”
Richard Middleton, Popular Music

“This analysis has considerable explanatory power, especially in regard to the
response of school pupils to various musical styles. …
I recommend this interesting and uncomfortable book not just to music
teachers but to all those musicians and music lovers who think at all about
the nature of their art.”
Christopher Small, British Journal of Music Education

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