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Ethical Space Vol.5 Nos 1/2 2008
by Richard Keeble, Donald Matheson
ISBN: 9781845493059
Format: softback
210 x 297 mm
(8.268 x 11.693 inches)
Pages: 52
Imprint: abramis
Cover Price: £14.95
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Ethical Space Vol.5 Nos 1/2 2008
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Editorial Richard Keeble

Tribute to Peter McGregor, political activist and ES editorial board member. Bush and aides lied 935
times in run-up to Iraq invasion. Concerns over growing political interference in European media.
Muckraking site ‘disappears’ from Google. US Army ends public access to online library. Acclaimed
photo was a fake. Research focus on Cudlipp archive

Frank Davies explores the conceptual map of PR and wonders if it’s a Janus profession
Stephan Russ-Mohl is concerned about the growing influence of PR over science reporting

Mike Jempson warns against insensitive coverage of suicides
Kristine Lowe on the way the ‘Pocket Man’ saga in Norway highlighted some of the ethical dilemmas
of reporting in the age of the web
Stephanie Edmond and Sheryl Hann report on the national Campaign for Action on Family Violence
in New Zealand, a media advocacy project
Joseph Borg, in Malta, examines the ethical issues arising over the reporting of a party leader’s
major surgery just days before the declaration of a general election is expected
‘Maddy’ mania: John Mair explores some of the ethical issues arising from the global media-hype
surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann
Mary Griffiths examines the performance of blogs and the new social networking sites in the recent
Australian general election
Tanja Dreher outlines a research project exploring the practices, politics and technologies of listening
Stuart Dalziel, of the Society of Editors, exclusively reveals how the society arranged ‘the understand-ing’
between the editors and MoD which kept Prince Harry’s deployment in Afghanistan secret for ten
weeks – and his own considered views on the row

Review Essay
John Tulloch on the media and trust

John Mair examines today’s most controversial text on the British media malaise, Nick Davies’ - Flat Earth News

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