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Keepers of the Dream
by Anna Donfrancesco
ISBN: 9781845492380
Format: softback
216 x 280 mm
(8.5 x 11 inches)
Pages: 96
Imprint: swirl
Cover Price: £16.95
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Keepers of the Dream
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When Mankind has gone astray,
Who will help to save the day?
Two Children from the Human Realm
Who keep Faith with the Faery Way,
Will help us to undo the harm-
So return to Mother Nature 's Dream...

This,the Ancient Faery Prophecy,has come to pass,and
because of the Baron and his Contraption,the Human
Realm stands on the brink of disaster as it is beginning to
separate from the Magic Faery Realms forever!Two
Children are found.(with the help of the Faery Queens
Magic Mirror )Jack Frost is sent and The Princesses,
Rosebud and Sapphire are invited on a Quest to save the
Human Realm.The Quest turns out to be a Magical
Adventure to Faeryland,full of "Wonder " where they
meet Elves,Faerys,Dragons and catch a glimpse of
MOTHER NATURE Herself!Then,they are told about
the ancient secret of "Mother Natures Dream ",and soon
discover their own inner Faery Self!With the help of the
Enchanted Crystals they fulfil the meaning of the
Ancient Prophecy …and transform the Human Realms

Recommended reading age 7 to 12.

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